There is no millennial

There, we said it. here at Kult&Ace, we want to chase the idea of a ‘standard type’ of millennial out of your head. why?

Because we are a Millennial consultancy, and we know that this generation is fragmented into many separate groups. Okay, we admit that Millennials share some commonalities. For starters, they were all born between 1980 and 2000. And as the last generation of the 20th century, they are one hell of an important group. Millennials are the ones that make the rules, set the trends and have the means to back them up. They are a critical group, with fast-changing preferences that are influenced by (sub)trends and hypes.

They are young people with their own languages, (social) habits and codes. And yes: creating products, campaigns and communications’ strategies that will float their boats is a tricky business. Which is where we come in. Times are changing, and those brands that cannot connect with this target group will lose out. We will help you to understand the Millennials. We’re your eyes and ears inside the heart of your target group, enabling you to secure the future of your brand.